After decades of experience in the fitness industry, it became undeniably clear that female athletes were an afterthought to most brands. They were seen as an accessory to their male counterparts. They were never taken as seriously as the guys, never compensated fairly, always told to change themselves to be more feminine, and diluted to be “more approachable.” Brands that did cater to women played into the stereotypes and only pushed booty bands, weight loss products, and bikini workouts. While those things work for some, that wasn't enough for us. That's why we are setting the new standard.

We are not just a supplement company. We are a media company that prioritizes content that motivates, inspires, and empowers. We are a brand that celebrates and supports those women for who they are: athletes through and through. They define their goals and run full-speed towards them. They are invested in themselves and fitness is what empowers them.

The traditional female athlete stereotypes do not live in this brand. We respect female athletes for their mentality, commitment, greatness, and dedication to their craft.