Jessica Ramsey

I have always been an athletic person. Rewind to when I was 12 and I started the recreational swim team and blew everyone out of the water with how good I was… as a newbie. LOL. 

There was a year I didn’t loose one race. I was so passionate about it. I then became a varsity swimmer from 7th grade to 11th grade. I thought I was going to go to college for it…. But my ego didn’t let me. I went to state championships that junior year and did TERRIBLE. I was honestly embarrassed. I qualified for the state meet 2 years in a row and it would’ve been 3 if I kept up with it. After not performing how I expected, I quit. 

Stopped doing any physical activity for about 6-7 years until I started going to therapy after a long battle of deep rooted mental health issues. I had partied a lot… probably for most of that time off. 

Therapy helped me start swimming again which led me into a gym!! There was a girl on my team who had been doing CrossFit and her legs were so muscular. I instantly knew I wanted to start working out. I got hooked once I started lifting though…. and quit swimming. I actually started dating my now husband somewhat early in my lifting career and he showed me Dana. She inspired me so much. 

So for the past 6 years I’ve been training and now post fitness content to inspire and motivate people to work hard in the gym! I am so blessed and thankful to be representing RunSupps because Dana and Rob have inspired me so much throughout my fitness career.  I want to also be apart of that gym inspiration to help people feel strong and confident.

I love Watermelon Purpose! 10/10 flavor, and helps me get a great workout in!



I take pre-workout with my husband and listen to music or we just talk lol 😆

Camera, wrist wrap & helimix w drink

Probably growing my TikTok from posing

Deciding between two sports

Walk my dogs with my husband