You're Doing It Wrong - DLB Complete Shoulders

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You're Doing It Wrong - DLB Complete Shoulders

It's my favorite day of the week: Shoulder Day!

As usual, this day is full of volume: supersets, giant sets, and all the goods; it's just what I do! Make sure to stay till the end because we will be doing a BIG, BIG, BIGGGG set and it's not one you want to miss.

To start off, we're going to do a middle and rear delt superset: First, we will do Lying Cuffed Cable Lateral Raises (I like to lay on a bench). We're going to pause in both the bottom and peak contraction of the movement to really ensure we're fully controlling it.

Immediately after finishing a set of this, we're just going to sit up (drop weight if necessary) and go straight into Cross-Cable Rear Delt Flies.

These movements will be 4 sets of 15,12,10,8 reps (increasing weight with each set).

Next up is the classic: a Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press. However, to start, we're going to do them unilaterally and slightly rotate as we go up (think like an Arnold Press but keep the arms tucked). Alternate 4-5 reps on each side, and then go straight into a normal press (neutral or wide, do whatever feels more comfortable for your structure) and do 4-5 more.

From here we'll superset into a Single Dumbbell Front Raise (I like to hold it like a diamond with my hands pressing into the top of the handle) in the 10-12 rep range. You should be able to use the same dumbbell as for the shoulder press.

These movements will be 4 sets of 4-6 reps each

Our third main movement will be a Machine Overhead Press. We want to go as heavy as possible (same rule goes for Barbell, DB, etc.)

Going for 4 sets of 6 reps here (add a drop set on the final set)

Here it is: time for our BIG BIG BIG GIANT SET.

This will be a combination of 5 exercises that will finish off the entire shoulders. The first movement will be a Chest-Supported Standing DB Raise (Side-To-Front). From there, slightly decrease the incline and run a DB Reverse Fly. As you fatigue, add some trap movement in to turn it into a Wide Row. The last 2 movements will be Upright Row Variations. First, hold the dumbbells out more for a Wide Grip Upright Row, and then have them touching in front of you for a Close Grip Upright Row.

All of these movements will be in the 12-15 rep range, and we're doing 4 sets of these (That's like 200 reps to burn out!!)

It's totally fine if you have to drop weight on this one, I generally keep the weight the same but as you fatigue, don't stress it!

It's time to go eat some food; that giant set FRIED ME. If you like this style of training and want more, make sure to check out my app "DLB Daily", it is beginner-advanced friendly, full of valuable information, daily training, and the perfect option to build some muscle alongside me. I'll see you guys next week!