Top 3 Rear Deltoid Exercises - Dana Linn Bailey

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Top 3 Rear Deltoid Exercises - Dana Linn Bailey

For most people when it comes to shoulders, the rear deltoids, or delts, are always lagging behind and under worked.


The rear delts are a relatively small muscle on the back of your shoulders that play a significant role in developing a solid and proportioned physique. Unfortunately, this small muscle group is hard to target because for 1) It’s on your back and you can’t see them when you are training and 2) Most of the exercises for shoulders and back involve the larger muscles of the back and shoulders. As a result, many people have disproportionately small and weak rear delts.


In an effort to help get your delts up to where they should be, here are my top 3 rear delt-specific exercises that I like to use to build and grow my own stubborn rear delts. Watch the video below and follow along with me!