The Power of Consistency - Dana Linn Bailey

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The Power of Consistency - Dana Linn Bailey

Consistency. Looking back in time.

I get asked often what is the secret. How do I keep my shape, how do I always look on season, what is my secret. I truly believe it is consistency. Consistency with hard work, consistency with diet, and consistency with training. A long time ago I decided who I wanted to be and the standard I wanted to hold myself to.

Based on that I set the rules for my life. I created my plan for the next 40 years of my life. Based on that it was very clear what I needed to do. I am not getting ready for summer and dieting down, I am not crash dieting to fit in a dress. This is my life. I’ve decided to live a healthy lifestyle, and made the same commitment as I’ve made to go to sleep every night. It’s what I do. Not to say that I don’t treat myself, or have dessert, or even a glass of wine almost every night. But the consistency has allowed me to do this. I truly believe that I get 5% better every year. I’ve turned my body into a machine.

Dana Linn Bailey - The Power of Consistency

If you look at the end result of where you want to be you know the work that it takes to get there. And if you enjoy the process, and create a process that you like you will be able to be consistent.

Blow there are two videos. Speaking of consistency this one popped up yesterday of me guest posing nine years ago in Missoula Montana. This was one of our first trips to Montana. Although I had just one Olympia looking back now I am happy with the progress I’ve made year after year and it’s all been because of consistency.

If you are curious what I was thinking as I watched this video I have my reaction video here...