The Groceries I Buy To Eat Like A Bodybuilder

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The Groceries I Buy To Eat Like A Bodybuilder

Today I'm gonna take you to the grocery store, one of my favorite places ever. I actually love grocery shopping. I don't even do anything crazy. I literally buy the same thing every time. I don't even need a list. So come shopping with me and see what I put in my cart!

First of all, my number one tip when you go to the grocery store is to go to the sushi section and get some food so you don't make bad decisions. I like Spicy Tuna and eat a couple first before starting the shop.

Secondly, look at the ingredients! Learn to quickly recognize the macros you're looking for so that you can look past the pretty packaging and actually pick things that will give you what you need. Learn also about "net carbs." That one will help a ton!

Now, I grab my cart and set off.

In the Bakery section, you gotta be careful. But not so careful you avoid it! I touch the cookies (why do they put them so out in the open to tempt you?) but don't buy them. And it may not be the most 'fitness' thing ever, but I do buy bread. You know why? I like toast! Framz is my favorite breed.

When it comes to alcohol, I like to get the best bang for my buck. I go for a nice white wine. My favorite has 95 calories, less than one gram of sugar, and it's 12%! Oh yes!

Kalispell Kreamery has the best yogurt of all time. If you're a yogurt fan, you're gonna love this. I don't know if they only sell this in my area, but it's a local creamery, and their yogurt has six grams of fat, 20 grams of protein, and it tastes great. I usually get the plain yogurt and put honey in it.

When I get eggs, they need to be free-range, certified humane eggs. I want to make sure they take care of the chickens.

For the healthy pizza that we make at home I pick up some pepperoni and fat-free mozzarella.

As far as protein, I get most of it from Trifecta. So I don't have to shop for a lot. But my go-tos are chicken and turkey. That's all I eat, honestly. Let's not make it over complicated. There we are.

Now, the other reason I get bread is that I like sandwiches. So I get turkey and fat-free cheese slices. I also love those little dill pickles. I throw those on there too.

For condiments, I have two must-haves. Mustard and Frank's Red Hot Sauce. It goes on everything. And the peanut butter usually lives nearby. I can't leave without peanut butter!

For grains, I have a rice cooker which is great. But I do like the Uncle Ben's as a backup if I haven't cooked enough.

I can't buy cereal because I eat the whole thing in one sitting! But when I do I love Honey Bunches of Oats and Golden Grahams.

In the produce section, I this trip I loaded up on bagged broccoli and bananas.

I can't buy snacks and candy because I eat them ALL!

Well guys, there it is! My full grocery haul to fuel my bodybuilder lifestyle. I hope this breakdown helps you guys on your next grocery store ship and educates you in what food sources to primarily use to reach your goals!

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