My Entire Stack: My Daily Supplement Routine

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My Entire Stack: My Daily Supplement Routine

What does my normal day look like? What do I eat? What supplements do I take? Well, let me take you through it.

I start my day at 7:00 AM with a little bit of cardio on the Peloton. So before I do I take half a scoop of Intent to help me sweat. Yeah...I don't sweat. It's because it's so cold where I live and I also don't like wearing sweatsuits. But Intent helps get my heart rate up a little bit to make me sweat. And because I love coffee so much, I don't start with it right away. I save it for myself as a treat.

As far as water, I try to get at least a gallon to a gallon and a half a day. The problem is that I don't carry a big enough bottle! The solution would be to carry a full gallon. It's on my to-do list!

Around 8:00 I'll make my breakfast along with some supplements. I take Defense as an immunity booster. ACV gummies are so much better than trying to drink regular apple cider vinegar every day. And then I also do our Wellness product, which is for better hormone balance throughout the day. It's one of my favorites and just keeps me more level.

I hit the office around 10:15 and take Sharpshooter as a great productivity booster. By this time I've already had way too much caffeine. So Sharpshooter helps you focus, and enhances your mood and memory, but it doesn't have caffeine in it.

At lunch (around 1:00 PM) I take a couple more Wellness capsules. You're supposed to take four a day, but I don't like taking them all at the same time. So I split them up. The reason I take these is because we all have a really hectic lifestyle, always running around. You're stressed out. You're not sleeping well. And what happens is that any time you stress your body out, your hormones sort of get outta whack. And Wellness kind of just keeps everything on track and keeps your mood good. It keeps your energy levels more consistent. And so it is one of those things where you can't always tell that it's working. But at the end of the day you're like, "Wow, i feel pretty good."

For lunch I'm currently eating Trifecta. Their new meals right now are so bomb! So my meal today is shrimp, black beans, citrus, and cilantro. The cool thing with Trifecta is they put all your macros on there for you. So you don't even have to think. All I do is heat it up and it's the perfect amount.

2:30 PM and it's time to train. This is where Purpose, my pre-workout supplement, comes in. I do it the old-school way and put it in water. And I don't chug the whole thing. I just like continue to drink it throughout my whole workout. Because a lot of times if you take a bunch of caffeine all at once, yeah, you're gonna ready to train, but at some time you dip.

Purpose actually has two types of caffeine in it: fast-acting caffeine and then it has slower digestion caffeine. So you'll get that little energy at the spike. But then it also has a slower one so you don't crash.

After I work out I make sure to make the most of the anabolic window, which is about 30 minutes. So time is ticking. And the way I do that is with a post-workout shake. The way I make it is about eight ounces of water, and one heaping scoop of Whey Isolate, some berries to spike my insulin and some healthy fats like peanut butter.

I used to do a lot more protein shakes when I was competing. I'd probably have two a day. Now I'd rather eat food for the most part. But I like doing it post-workout because it's fast. I'm not usually very hungry after I work out, so I can just drink something and still get the effect.

Once it's 9:00 PM and it's after dinner, if I need to get to bed fast, I'll just pop two Rested gummies and it will Knock. Me. Out. So these are great for anyone that has problems falling asleep. These things get me to sleep within 30 minutes. So I take them right before my bedtime routine and it's perfect.

That's it for my day!

Hopefully, this was helpful to see how you can utilize supplements throughout your day to be at your optimal state!