Huge Arm Day with Frank McGrath

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Huge Arm Day with Frank McGrath

Frank McGrath absolutely destroys arms with me in this explosive arm day workout. Check out the routine below and follow along with me as I try to get my arms as big as Frank's! 

For this routine, we went all out on the reps and sets to get an aggressive pump for the arms. For the first portion of the workout, we targeted only biceps and triceps with a single set for each. Then we jumped straight into 2 supersets targeting the whole arm. If that wasn't crazy enough, we threw in Preach Curls until failure just for the heck of it!


  • 15 Tricep Rope Pushdowns
  • 15 Bicep Straight Bar Cable Curls
  • 2 supersets of 8-10 EZ Bar Skull Crushers and 12-16 Close Grip Benchpress
  • Preacher Curls to absolute failure

The routine that Frank and I tore through is an awesome way to train your arms and will give you a great pump. Do this routine enough and you might get your arms as big as Frank’s, who knows?!