Get Bigger Biceps, Faster - DLB

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Get Bigger Biceps, Faster - DLB

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If you wish you had bigger biceps, I got you. In this video we'll cover the key tips to grow them bigger, better, and faster!

Tip #1: Check Your Ego At The Door

Lighten the load so you can actually focus on your bicep, and avoid using too much of the shoulder and momentum. You want to avoid an arching movement in the bar path. A good cue is to think about pinning your upper arm into your lat so that you're only moving at your elbow. A proper curl looks like drag curl - you simply want to keep the tension on your biceps, and avoid engaging a bunch of surrounding muscles.

Tip #2: Full Range Of Motion

Going through the full range of motion (from a full stretch/extension to full flexion) is key to developing your entire bicep. Incorporate a variety of exercises to do this: something like an Incline Bench DB Curl or Behind The Body Cable Curl force you into that shoulder extension. On the other hand, something like a Spider Curl or Preacher curl force you into that fully shortened position. 

Tip #3: Adding Partial Reps

A great technique to add in for a little extra volume & time under tension are partial reps. Once you hit failure, you can keep going and hit failure again by focusing on the bottom range of motion (where you're strongest) so you're able to still get a few more reps. Something like the Bicep Curl 21s are a great example of this.

Tip #4: Concentrate On Contraction

As simple as it may sound, you should really focus on feeling the muscle & contraction. A great way to do this is using machines - here I showcase it on a Prime Preacher Curl. Hold that squeeze and focus on the bicep at the top of every rep.

Tip #5: Program More Variation

This tip applies for all the muscle groups. If you're doing the exact same exercises day in and day out, try switching it up. Going from something like standing DB or BB curls to something like Archer Curls - anything with different angles, ranges of motion, resistance profiles - will work wonders if your progress has been stagnant. Just like with Back Day and changing the grips and arm positions, do the same with your biceps. Variation is key to pretty much every body part.

Thank you guys for checking out another blog! I hope this helps you grow some guns of your own! I'll see you next time.