Full Day of Eating at Work

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Full Day of Eating at Work

In this video, you get a glimpse of a typical day in my life. From a very early start in the office to late nights on the computer, this is the aspect of being a business owner you don't often see! 

And throughout all this, there is plenty of food to be had! Although I'm not as strict on my nutrition as I used to be in my competing days, I still love to fuel myself with quality foods to perform and feel the best I can. Throughout this blog I will explain what my meals are and why I have them!

My morning routine is all about kickstarting it with the right mentality; wake up, have a coffee, hang out with my animals, do some tabatta to get my heart rate up and start the day with healthy movement. Then it's time for work, where today we had a very exciting photo shoot. And just like that, it's noon and time to eat!

Meal 1: 12PM

Eggs and Cream of Rice, a bodybuilding classic.

I normally do egg whites, but these are egg beaters because I ran out of eggs! I love to feed my pets quality food as well, so they get some delicious eggs for breakfast and dinner!

I started a very relaxed version of intermittent fasting a few years ago when I stopped competing, and now I eat my first meal about 12pm and the last meal at 8pm. This helps to stop me from snacking and it's something I can stick to. I find that after drinking coffee I'm not even hungry in the morning. With IF, my energy levels are more stable and I don't have those energy crashes, and I can focus on work instead of constantly worrying about eating. I try to eat 3 meals and a shake but it really just depends on my schedule!

Between my meals, it's back to work! After this meal I had an interview with Stefi Cohen, and after the next meal I went to train chest!

Meal 2: 3PM

Turkey, Rice, Corn, Tomatoes.

Rob made my meal today, and although it was a little different than my usual turkey, rice, and broccoli, I can definitely say it tasted much better than that. This was my pre-workout meal, and I went to train chest about an hour later! This is a timeframe I like to stick to, as it allows me sufficient time to digest before the workout.

Meal 3 (Shake): Post-workout

Whey Isolate Protein Shake (The best you can get, this time in Pumpkin Spice flavor) Peanut Butter, Mixed Berries, Oats

This meal is a good one for quick recovery post workout with fast-digesting protein, some quick-acting carbs from the berries and oats (which I love for the texture they add) and healthy fats. I have this one about 15-30 minutes after my workouts. 

I would highly recommend measuring out your nut butters, as they are very calorie dense and it is easy to underestimate how much you truly use.

While the meals may vary day to day, this gives you guys a general idea of where I am with my diet! Although nowadays I'm pretty relaxed about my nutrition, there are times where I will get on track and measure out what I eat if I'm getting ready for a competition or want to get really serious again. 

Eating the right diet for you really isn't difficult! Focus on consuming whole foods, prioritizing protein, eat what digests well and makes you feel good, and if you're a busy person, prep your meals ahead of time!

And just like that, my day of eating is over! I will continue to get some work done tonight, relax and then it's time to do it all over again!