Arm Day Finisher - Featuring Dana Linn Bailey and Kristen Nun

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Arm Day Finisher - Featuring Dana Linn Bailey and Kristen Nun

Short on time and you want to hit your biceps and triceps hard real quick? OR maybe you need a good finisher to completely exhaust your arms so that you can barely pull your hair in a ponytail? Either way, try out these two ARM DAY Finishers to completely exhaust those bi’s and tri’s!


1. ISO HOLD Single Arm Seated Wide DB Curl (8 reps while other arm is in a static ISO HOLD)
2. Seated DB Wide Curl (8 together)
3. Alternating Bicep Curl (8-10 each)

We did 8 reps of each exercise and did this 3 times through. You may need a spot for those Seated Wide Curls. After those ISO HOLD my biceps could barely move. Start light and move up from there if you can get through it with ease.


1. EZ Bar Skull Crusher (8-10)
2. EZ Bar Close Grip Press (failure)
3. Close Grip Push-Up (failure)

*Again do 3 total set of these. You are not changing the weight for the close grip press, so go as heavy as you can with the skull crushers for 8 reps and then you are going right into the presses to failure. Then head to the ground for some simple but effective close grip push-ups. Keep those elbows tucked and pointed back, not flaring out to the sides. Again, go to absolute failure!