300lb Big Boy Shows Me INSANE Burpees

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300lb Big Boy Shows Me INSANE Burpees

In this week's blog, Dana is training with Big Boy! He is going to show her how to do a flying burpee. Today is VERY exciting because Dana has never attempted to do this before.

"What's up guys, welcome back to my youtube! I'm training with someone very very special, someone I never thought would be in Montana. Ya'll probably have never thought he would be here either! We got Big Boy here, he's gonna hike a mountain with me. He's going to summit a mountain with me but before we do that I'm making him do everything, he's getting the Montana experience. We are going to train some back today." 

First: Warm-up

OK! So we are starting off slow and going to warm up. I am doing some straight-arm pull-downs, but I never do one thing at a time so we'll d a bunch of stuff!

  • Cable arm pull down 4x12
  • Bent over barbell rows 4x15
  • Neutral grip lat pull down - standing row to chest 4x15
  • Seated cable row 4x20

We're doing flying burpees

Big Boy, "So for me every time I explain how to do an explosive burpee, I tell them to practice burpees just going up and down. We call it a single pump and a double pump is going down 2 push-ups and back up, or a triple pump, etc. So for a single burpee when you hit the ground, pop back up (explosive) but try not to bend your knees. Keep your core tight then I like to put my hands where my feet are and kick your feet out. Focus on your hands replacing your feet.

Big Boy shows Dana the full flying burpee move and as she attempts to do it, she laughs as she accidentally puts her hand up while on the ground. She attempts a second time and Big Boy coaches her on how to bring her knee up to her chest. He explains that it is just nailing the motion and getting down to ground level, pushing up, and popping your knee to your chest.

He does it because he likes to be explosive with the movement but you do not have to. He calls this the "navy seal" to get you prepared for the launch. Next, Big Boy adds in a few flying moves like superman and a criss-cross arm motion. They practice the movement a couple of times so Dana gets comfortable with it, and she does a great job! Big Boy comments, "that was dope" too.

Now big boy explains that she has to put together all of these moves. But, in between is both, is the navy seal, so essentially: navy seal navy seal, criss cross, navy seal navy seal, superman then up to standing position. Big Boy puts it all together then Dana does the move! Ya'll do NOT want to miss seeing her do this move, it was amazing!

Dana says as a bodybuilder she is not very explosive but rather very slow and controlled versus a powerlifter - explosive. I don't know what the outro is, I'm just trying to be as cool as my friend Big Boy who is so explosive, nimble, and light on his feet. It's crazy to see someone like that size just a freak athlete so I'm going to start adding more explosive movements to my workouts. 

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